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About the music school in english

The music school (Musikschule) is an educational institution in the city Waldenbuch; it is a non-profit institution with public funds from the city and the state of Baden Württemberg. It is open to people of all ages, in Waldenbuch and the surrounding areas, who would like to grow both musically and artistically. The school offers a forum for collaborative music making under professional guidance for creative work, rehearsals, as well as for concerts.A team of qualified music instructors teach a broad range of ages, starting from 18 months old and beyond. The instructors task themselves to stimulate and develop musical skills from their students. The path begins with group lessons in an introduction to music and rhythm for young children, then on to the orientation stage for basic instrument training and education. Our last step begins with a choice of music instrument classes in small groups or with private lessons from beginner to advanced, as well as preparatory courses for music studies. The training for the young talents of the Musikverein Waldenbuch is also overseen by the Musikschule, which is financially supported by the association and the town of Waldenbuch.Other courses we offer are: ensemble work, music theory, training of the musical ear, music therapy, several bands, a singing ensemble, 2 opera classes and our own school orchestra.The Musikschule has the important task of enriching cultural life in the city and keeping it alive and well. We do this with public performances and events, a school festival, studio concerts, jazz performances, concerts with conversation, and matinees which are all part of our annual program.We work closely with the local Kindergarten, the elementary school, the local associations and parents' associations as well as with the surrounding music schools and colleges.Registered students are required to attend the school for one year minimum. The deadline is June 30. Admission is possible after a consultation with the school management during the current school year.Lessons are also available in English.Instruments can be rented for use.For further information, please contact our office at: 07157 530631


Musikschule Waldenbuch
Kirchgasse 6
71111 Waldenbuch

Mitglied im Verband deutscher Musikschulen.


Besar Mitku
Tel.: 07157 530630

Antje Walko
Tel.: 07157 530631

E-Mail Musikschule
Fax 07157 5228972


Montag 9:00 bis 12:00 Uhr
Dienstag 9:00 bis 11:00 Uhr
Dienstag 15:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Mittwoch 9:00 bis 12:00 Uhr
Donnerstag 9:00 bis 11:00 Uhr